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Current Club Hours


Monday & Tuesday  - Closed
Wednesday, Thursday & Friday -

  11 am to 7 pm

Sunday Brunch 10AM-Noon (When Staff Available, Check 'Events' tab for dates)


  • Brunch - When Staff Available - 10AM-Noon

  • Fun Pool League - Wednesdays @ 5 PM - Just Show Up! Prize given by bartender weekly!

  • Monthly Membership Meeting - April 3, 2023 - 6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (Starting Early to Hold USS Thresher Remembrance Ceremony)

  • Karaoke @ SubVets Clubhouse - April 14, 2023 8PM - Midnight

Karaoke Night

Call The Manager to see when SubVets Club is open late and you can enjoy  Music and Music Videos while building up your courage to sing Karaoke with Excellent Libations!

Creative Sounds Entertainment - DJ Jammin Jim - Hosting Karaoke, Music / Music Videos / DJ / KJ

Click on Events for Schedule

Enjoy Our Lunchs

Tom's famous chili! 

Celebrate With Us

We're the place to host your next Boat Reunion, a shipmate's reenlistment, a retirement or just a place to meet up with old friends.

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