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It is our goal to to restore our Normal Business after labor day IF WE CAN SUPPORT TO DO SO.


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Plea For Assistance

Thanksgiving Caring & Sharing

The Groton Base Caring & Sharing Fund is established  under the IRS Code 501(c)(19). Remember, there is no donation too small, they all count. Your support and donations are appreciated and go towards helping local Sailors and their families that are in need during the Holiday Season and throughout the year. They also help us put on a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner for Sailors, local Law Enforcement, USSVI Members, and more that can not be with their family for the Holiday. This is in keeping with our Creed to "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates" by showing our young Sailors that we are one big family and always there for each other and share a Sea Story or two!

Shipmates, Employees, Volunteers, Family and Friends,

This is a long post… but I implore you to read it. Thank you in advance!

As you may have inferred from the post about reduced business hours, YOUR clubhouse is hurting due to increased costs of operations and decreased traffic of our members frequenting it. We had a great winter with so many commands and companies choosing to use Subvets as the location for their holiday parties , and we give a heartfelt thank you for doing so. However, winter has passed and now the parties have moved outdoors, and not at the club. I can’t blame you, as I too have moved more of my
extracurricular activities outside.

Summer is typically a slower time for the club, and we have been able to ride the ebb of the tide in the past and come out ahead on the flow. However, with the cost of operations going up, this year has proven to be a new wave we were not prepared for. The cost of operations have continued to rise with the cost of goods, payroll, utilities, water, insurances and taxes. We have the best leadership, staff, and volunteers that we have had in many years, but the recent events have caused us to leave them in the lurch, not knowing what is truly coming. We want to make sure that we all support the club during this time and get everyone back to work as soon as possible. We need more members, and their families and friends to make a point to come in and
enjoy what we have to offer.

In the recent months and year, we have made strides in beautifying our club to make it more attractive to our members of all ages. As I hope many of you saw on this page, the bar was upgraded with red oak top and arm rests, the backing with an attractive wall paneling, LED under bar lighting, recessed LEDs throughout the bar ceiling, a new dart center with laser toe lines, new ceiling tiles, and high top tables. Before you think that we spent bar profits on these modernizations… we did not. These upgrades came by way of the T-shirts that we designed and sold at the club as part as our bar beautification drive, and BOT run brunches and dinners in which we put all tips into the same. All of the aforementioned was paid for by all of you that bought shirts and came to brunches and dinners, and we did it for all of us!

This is a plea for assistance in getting us through the ebb that is upon us, and save your clubhouse so we don’t run aground. The Groton Base leadership is looking at all avenues necessary to increase operations revenue and cut costs without depriving membership more than the reduced hours have. However, simply put, we would not have to do this if we all did more to support our club. This is the location that started it all, the first and finest, and the one and only clubhouse in the entire organization.

The request is this… first, come to the club!!, even during our reduced hours to show that we can expand them soon; plan your upcoming events and functions with us; and even if you can or cannot come down… please follow the link below to donate. Any amount will help.

******(Please click donate on the “Joe Negri Memorial Clubhouse Fund”)******

Your support and donations are appreciated,

Joseph Smith
Chairman, Board of Trustees
USSVI Groton Base
“First and Finest”


Joe Negri Memorial Clubhouse Fund

The Groton Base welcomes general donations for just about any purpose. Primarily, anyone can make a donation In The Memory Of a member who has departed on eternal Patrol. Other uses include helping a member's family in times of need, or simply to donate to the club wherever it is needed the most. Remember there is no donation too small, they all count. Your support and donations are appreciated.

Kap(SS) 4 Kid(SS) Fund

 Donations to Groton Base's Kap(SS) 4 Kid(SS) Program are not tax deductible as a charitable donation. If a company or an individual would like tax deductibility under Tax Code 501(c)(3) by having the donation go to the USSVI Chartable Foundation, please contact the Kap(SS) 4 Kid(SS) Chairman John Riley at 203 668-9131 or Remember there is no donation too small, they all count. Your support and donations are appreciated  and go towards providing submarine dolphin ball caps, honorary submariner certificates, photos of submarines and other submarine related items that bring joy to children who are victims of cancer or other afflictions. This is in keeping with our Creed to "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates" by helping the children in our community who need us the most and who are the future of our great country.

USSVCF Scholarship Fund

The USSVCF Groton Base Scholarship Fund is established under the USSV Charitable Foundation, but are not  tax deductible under IRS Code 501(c)(3). Remember there is no donation too small, they all count. Your support and donations are appreciated and go towards helping us give meaningful scholarships to deserving college students who are the descendants of our members.  This is in keeping with our Creed to "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates" by helping their descendants become our future leaders.