Thanksgiving Caring & Sharing


It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Many great things continue to get accomplished at USSVI Groton Base, the home of the Joe Negri Clubhouse.


One of our long-standing traditions is providing Thanksgiving dinner to our Sailors that cannot be with family and friends during the holiday. In keeping with our creed, and in appreciation of those who are serving our country, we will once again celebrate Thanksgiving at the Groton Base clubhouse. Additionally, we provide Holiday hams to Navy families during the Christmas holidays.

The Thanksgiving Committee needs your help to accomplish our goal.  It is a huge endeavor requiring donations and many volunteers.  We know that the cost of all goods continues to spiral out of control, so we need your help in this project.  Please take a moment to give us a monetary donation.


Steven Ricard, Commander USSVI Groton Base

SubVets Annual Appeal 2022

So, what is the Annual Appeal all about? The purpose of the Annual Appeal is to help support the Dominic “Joe” Negri Memorial Clubhouse with ongoing upkeep, capital improvements, and as required, overall club operations.


Please complete the Annual Appeal response form enclosed and either donate online or mail all your donations to the USSVI Clubhouse, Attention: USSVI Groton Base Annual Appeal, 40 School Street, Groton, CT. 06340. Make out checks to SUBVETS USSVI Groton Base.

We are truly depending on your help making a difference. Thanking you in advance,


Steven Ricard, Commander USSVI Groton Base

Annual Appeal 2022 Letter - Download

 Joe Negri Memorial Clubhouse Fund

The Groton Base welcomes general donations for just about any purpose. Primarily, anyone can make a donation In The Memory Of a member who has departed on eternal Patrol. Other uses include helping a member's family in times of need, or simply to donate to the club wherever it is needed the most. With any donation, you can easily let us know how it is to be used, or in memory of.  Simply follow up your donation with an email to the USSVI Groton Treasurer - Charlie Murray  ''.  In this email, please include your requests for fund distribution.

NOTE: Donations to the USSVI Groton are not tax deductible.

Remember there is no donation too small, they all count. Your support and donations are appreciated.