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Burial At Sea Information


Burial At Sea Information and Authorization Form


How To Package and Ship Cremated Remains


Using the documents above a Navy Member can request a Burial At Sea, and here is some guidance to ensure it runs smoothly:

1. Complete the Form above writing Legibly, and Entirely.  If you want to be buried at sea from a Submarine simply add "Request Burial at Sea from a Submarine" in the "Special Requests" section of the form.

2. FAX the documents to the Fax number listed (e.g. - Norfolk - (757-953-3064), for additional "Ports of Embarkation" contact via phone at the numbers provided in the document above.

3. Their staff will call you the same day of receipt to inform you of the completion or any discrepancies.

4. Send the cremains within 5-7 business days or the documents required will be disposed and you will have to send over a new set.


  • Photocopy of the Death Certificate of the deceased

  • Burial transit permit or the creation certificate

  • DD Form 214, discharge certificate, or retirement order (may be acquired at the VA, must state honorable discharge).

  • Marriage Certificate (ONLY for spouse of the Decedent)


  1. Hand Delivery: If you plan to bring your loved one to our Columbarium, please coordinate with our staff team members the date and time when we call you regarding your documents.

  2. Shipping: (Also refer to the "How to Package and Ship Cremains" document above).  Be aware that Bag and Urn containers must be biodegradable, and securely packed with Styrofoam or bubble wrap to prevent damage during shipment. MUST BE USPS Priority Mail Express or Priority Express International Service utilizing either a USPS produced or customer-supplied shipping package. (PLEASE see above document again).  BROKEN OR SHATTERED URNS will be returned immediately to sender

OPTIONAL: Providing Flag

  • Postal Service will provide a flag for free or they may send one used for the service.

  • USPS requires a DD 214 for the flag.

  • The flag will be included in the condolence package that the family will receive after the completion of the Burial At Sea.

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