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Small Stores


T- Shirts, Hats, Polo Shirts

  • USSVI Groton Small Stores - Alex Doucette is available to sell you items from the Ship's Store M-F 9:30 - 12:00 At SubVets - Call him to schedule a time! Club # 860.445.5262  E Mail: Small Stores - Alex Doucette

Items Available:

  • T-shirts $20

  • Polo Shirts $25

  • SubVet Coins $10

  • Chili –Take Out - bowl $3.50 and 5 QT $20 (enough for 10 to 12 bowls)

  • Holland Club & Garrison Hats, Ties


Note: Members outside the Groton area, many items can be mailed for a small fee - Please Ask

Pay For Small Store Purchases

Your payment will go directly to our USSVI Groton Treasurer.

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